The products listed below are tools that have helped me to make money online, saved me time, stood out for some reason, or helped me to learn about internet marketing in general.

Please add your own comments and suggestions to this page if you have your own gems that you want to share.


The Easy Cash Webinar is a free 1 hour webinar from an amazing internet marketing coach, Alex Jeffreys.

Alex tells it like it is, and has SO MANY successful students! His style of teaching seems to work with so many different kinds of people.

This is a free 1 hour webinar so go grab it NOW!! :-)

Email Marketing $19/Month!Email Marketing

AWeber is the absolute best for email marketing, hands down. I’ve lost MONTHS of progress trying to get cheaper alternatives to work how I want and ultimately, not getting the results I want.

Their customer service is second to none, can’t recommend them highly enough!

email marketing image MailchimpAnother email host has just come to my attention and I can’t speak highly enough of them so far : Mailchimp. They are good for different reasons.

They allow you to import an email list without having to prove when those people signed up. For me, this is great for one small business I run, my label Intelligent Audio.

I’ve collected a LOAD of contacts over the years, and by using Mailchimp, I can email them without having to show when they signed up. All these guys have had emails from me before so its a good responsive list, its just nice to find this service to bring it all together. If any of your reading this has a fragmented email list, maybe give them a try :-)

Of course, you can’t just use it to spam random scraped email lists, they still have rules – but for bespoke good quality genuine emails, I find them SUPER easy to use, they have a fantastic free offer, so check them out!

Keyword Research

Try Market Samurai For Free!Market Samurai is a fantastic keyword research tool as it does so many things other than just the basic keyword research.

Read my in depth review about maybe 1/3 of the amazing time saving features of Market Samurai here – and then if you are interested to check it out you can get a free 12 day trial starting RIGHT NOW!! :-)

Stealth Keyword Digger ImageThere’s a brilliant duo of tools that I also reviewed – Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer and Stealth Keyword Digger.

They just work, save you WEEKS if not months of time, and are SUPER cheap. Highly recommended!

Click here to read my review of SKCA.

Click here to read my review of KWD.


There’s a lot of hosts out there and everyone has their personal favorite. Personally I have used Hostgator for over 10 years on their business plan and have found them to be great.

Hostgator are cheap, have 24/7 chat and phone support, give you a dedicated IP per shared account, have a standard, easy to use control panel, and it just makes things easy. More time to build your money making websites and less time to scratch your head figuring out technical stuff.

WordPress Themes

Hands down I LOVE Elegant Themes. Such a range of amazing templates, to suit anything you could want to do.

It’s such a joy to see beautiful design that is such a reasonable price, the support forum is great too, really helpful.


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