My First Blog Post!

clare thwaites pictureHi, I’m Clare and welcome to my blog. :-)

I’ve been excited and interested about learning how to earn money online for about 18months now, and while I’ve made tiny amounts here and there, like $5, $40… it struck me that there are SO MANY people out there who want simple, no B.S. advice, from someone in the same position as them.

I started this blog so that I can share with you my progress of trying to make money online! If I learn something great, I’ll share it with you, and if I find something that’s a waste of time and money then I’ll share that too!

When I started out, I really needed a guide… and the world can be harsh – no-one helps you unless you pay them, at least most of the time..

I have bought so many products that tell you some things but then after you put in loads of time and effort trying to make them work for you, you realise that there’s other things that are really important that they DIDN’T tell you… and if you knew that first, you could have been WAY more productive, and focused with your efforts – and gotten WAY better results.

At the moment I earn a grand total of…. $0/month online!! So the only way is up!

I was reading something just a few minutes ago, from someone else similar to me, and he said “You know, I’ve been trying to make money online for about 18 months now, and really, I didn’t know what exactly it was that I was trying to achieve! So no wonder I haven’t made any progress when I never knew what I was aiming for!”

I think this is so true for a lot of newbies trying to make money online. You are sold a dream of making loads of money, and that dream is the “potential” – or rather – they sell you the “dream”, the “end result” – without a clear plan how to realistically get to it, day by day, step by step…

…you follow a system and then when or if it doesn’t work how you hope it will, you move on to something else – the shiny new object syndrome – or also, the desperation to make money fast syndrome… I know I for one have moved on when something doesn’t work super fast, when actually, had I focused on that one thing a little longer, perhaps I would have had more success with it…

Plus… other things have seemed convincingly a good way to make money online, and I have spent lots of time on them, and have then found they are total B.S, haha!! And honestly, I wouldn’t spend my time making this blog if I hadn’t had my own time wasted by such things, and didn’t genuinely care about helping other people avoid frustrations like those.

So the important thing is to have a plan, and be focused and excited about it. Avoid all those marketing emails in your inbox and concentrate on what you believe in, whatever that is!

I hope that everyone reading this is inspired to learn, by following my blog, and can save themselves time and effort by following my path a little.

I know that as long as I keep taking positive action, I WILL succeed. :-) You will too – so I hope you come along with me! :-)

We could be JV partners in a year’s time if we ALL take action – so please keep checking back to this blog and commenting and we can move forwards together!


My First Blog Post! — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Clare.. Congrats on the new blog!!

    I love the clean look, very polished.
    And your writing style seems from the heart, as well as concise. Nice.
    I’ll follow your RSS feed so I can keep up with your future posts.
    Patrick Batty

  2. Hi Clare,

    This is my first time visiting your blog and just
    wanted to say you got a nice looking blog here.

    Hope that we can keep in touch.
    Will be looking forward to more posts.


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