Internet Marketing First Rolodeck

Here is a list of a LOT of amazing websites that I have come across in my time online. It was inspired by Kim Roach at Buzz Blogger.

I was reading hers, and while it is a LOT more extensive than mine, mine covers what works for me. I hope you find them both useful.

Click here to see Kim’s Rolodeck – some of my sites are from her list as well!

Email Marketing:

AWeber – Industry standard, brilliant customer support, tons of amazing web form templates, and email templates, second to none.

Mailchimp – great for importing a list without proof of optins, they will not allow you to use with affiliate links though, but good for other businesses.

Imnica Mail – great value for money autoresponder, limited user interface.


Hostgator – I’ve found them reliable, good customer support, good value for money

Bluehost – another excellent and highly recommended hosting company, great value for money and flexibility

Social Media:

Facebook – brilliant interaction and ad targetting

Twitter – the 80-20 rule applies on here – 80% of people are there to read what you tweet about, the other 20% are the ones tweeting, so use this to the max!

StumbleUpon – only just started using this and now just by adding my record label pages to this, I get over half my traffic from StumbleUpon!

Pinterest – new and rocking! The best thing about this site is your image you post – or that others like and share to their profiles – has a link back to your site. Get a viral image and BOOM! Great job!

Not knocking the others but these are the ones that work for me the best.

Keyword Research / SEO Competition Checking :

Market SamuraiI made a blog post about this on it’s own its so awesome – it tells you your SEO competition and a WHOLE lot more too

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer – this is so good I wrote a whole review about it too, read it here – PC only though.

Stealth Keyword Digger – Amazing tool that works perfectly with SKCA – I wrote a review on it here and the maker is currently offering 2 for 1 at a crazy price of $37. How much do you value your time? For me thats about 1-2 hours work when I freelance – no brainer!

Traffic Travis – still getting to grips with this one but it is AMAZING all the things it can do and the free version offers SO MUCH! Again, a total no brainer! PC only though. I will write a proper review about this soon.

Website Construction:

Free Stock Photography – a great site for most things, its free to download all the images but make sure you read what the photographer is happy for you to license the use for first

Real Time HTML Editor – I use this to modify my web forms, test my email newsletters before I send them out – instant results, copy and paste the html, change bits and see what it does right away – totally free, LOVE IT!!

BackUp Buddy  - what I love about this is that

Time Management:

I used to use Mindmeister until they tried to charge me without me realizing, so now I use Mind 42.


Can’t beat Fiverr! So long as you check the feedback of the user! HUGE time saver, LOVE IT!

I have loads more to add to this list but will do this ASAP – I need sleep for now!

A Quick Note About Taking Action

inspiration and make money onlineHello :-) Hope you are doing well and having a GREAT day :-)

I was just doing some research for a weight loss site I am just starting to write content for.

I read that a good tip when planning an ebook, is to go to Amazon and check out other similar kindle books and real books and read their contents, to get an idea of how to lay things out.

I can verify that yes this is a brilliant idea :-) Both to give you ideas AND to help order your thoughts and read how the other writers approach whatever subject it is.

However far more importantly I found this, that I LOVE – and even though its about losing weight, it rings true for anything in life :

  • Stop talking about it and BE about it
  • Stop saying it and start showing it
  • Consistent talk is cheap and plentiful
  • Consistent action is priceless and rare

It comes from a book called “Lose FAT with Fat Balance” by Kevin Jones. Click that link if you would like to see it for yourself :-)

So with that in mind I’m going to continue taking action and writing more content for this site. Will post more soon! To OUR success!
Clare x